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Rani Megiddo רני מגידו אתר רשמי official website
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RELEASED ON 17.02.22


RaNi's Debute Album

Released on April 29, 2017

Cover and art design by Hili Noy

Mastered at The Exchange by Graeme Durham

Speciel thanks to : Tama Castel, Shye Rahat, Ann Deych, Ori Alboher, Dalia Megiddo. My family and friends who supported me and made this possible.

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Rani Megiddo Live Show

Electronic singer-songwriter, producer, and soundtrack composer.

RaNi has been creating in Jerusalem’s music scene for over a decade. Rani’s exclusive sonic footprint and texts takes the listener into a world oscillating between emotional turbulence and escapism, social upheaval, raves and psychedelia.

RaNi aka Rani Megiddo Official Website

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